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Evidence-based support for the advancement of gut health medicine
and microbiota research.

As the importance of gut health grows, a group of medical practitioners and research scientists recognised the need for a not-for-profit organisation devoted solely to promoting the emerging science, through practice, research, education and accreditation. When you hear people speak about your microbiome they are referring to the ecosystem within your gut — a highly complex collection of genomes from all the microorganisms in that environment. GHS researches the individual species of bacteria and other organisms known as microbiota, analysing their relative counts, their by-products, and their combined effects upon patients, as an evidence-based approach to applying methods of clinical treatment. There is also, within GHS,  an emerging line of research into the gut-brain axis.


PLEASE NOTE: we ask all Allied Health Professionals to check their scope
of practice 
with the relevant registration board - we do not teach,
nor do we recommend non-clinicians treat functional gut disorders,
as per Rome IV Criteria.


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Introductory video 1: a series of patient interviews.

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Thanks to all those GPs, Nutritionists, Dietitians, other Allied Health professionals and our valued subscribers who enrolled in the GHS Education Modules Series. These are currently on hold while we review the content and update the videos. Please be patient.

Accredited with The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine for the triennium  2023 - 2025  for Continuing Professional Development. ACRRM ID: 28317 (tel:28317)  Class name: Gut Health Science Course; 01/03/2023-29/11/2024.

Where case studies meet research findings.

GHS takes a multi-practitioner approach to advancing gut health science. Patient case studies linked to evidence-based testing create a knowledge bank of real-world scenarios where the treatment has been guided by analysis of the microbiota and the latest breakthroughs in research. Education modules are based on Rome IV Criteria, alongside clinical and in-practice advancements in understanding the effects of gut microbiota. We stand on the shoulders of the great work done by The Rome Foundation (see

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Working towards a national gut health accreditation system for practitioners.

Part of the mission of GHS is standardising an evidence-based approach to gut health in Australia. If you'd like to be involved, join our database and be part of the conversation.

Introductory video 2: Why test for microbiota?

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